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Where to Shop for Bikinis that Go Well With Your Airbrush Tan

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Summer is approaching, and you know what that means? New swimwear, and airbrush tans by JADE GLOW to match! 

Since Victoria's Secret is no longer selling swimwear,  I'm hearing a lot of, "Where do I buy swimwear now?" Well, have no fear because I have put together a list of online shops to buy swimwear, from skimpy to moderate styles. This list includes many of my favorite bikini shops that will go beautifully with tanned, bronzed skin, so let's get started. 

My first recommendation is to have a glow on your skin the first time you lay out in the sun with your new bikini. You want to have at least a slight color, so you don't look pasty in the natural sunlight. This is especially true, if you are going to be out in group settings, trust me! (I almost took my butt home this past Saturday to spray tan myself when I saw what my pasty self looked like in a picture, LOL, my outfit screamed summer, but not my skin!). Another great thing about having a tan, as opposed to not having one, is it makes you look slimmer, contoured, and defined, which is a major plus in a swimsuit. 

You can have a nice tan by either airbrushing, or using our "Glow-on-the-Go" self tanning spray. If you want a slight golden glow, get one airbrush tan before you step out into the sun. However, keep in mind you still need sunscreen! This step is just so you don't blind people with your pale, virgin skin. If you are looking to turn your tan up a knotch, and you want something similar to a summer time, August tan, then you need to build up your airbrush layers. This means that each week you need to be keeping up with your airbrush appointments, so you can build a deeper color each time. Tanning naturally, and using a tanning bed, work the same way in the sense that you need to create a base and gradually build your tan over time. 

My next recommendation if you cannot do the first, is to purchase a can of our "Glow-on-the-Glow" self tanner; this is the next best thing to our airbrush tan. This all natural, anti-aging sunless tanning aerosol uses air, not alcohol, to propell the tan onto your skin. Enriched with essentials oils, antioxidants and botanicals, your skin will be left with a radiant glow and the soft smell of coconuts. Layer the spray-tan-in-a-can as much as you need until you get the desired glow and bronze you are looking for. If you would like to purchase one of our "Glow on the Go" products, they retail for $40 each, and we can process your order by messaging us. The great thing about this product is that it lasts longer than your tan ever will because you can get numerous uses out of the product. Read more about here

Now finally, what you have been waiting for...swimswear! I've been compiling this list for quite sometime for my own personal use, following the accounts on instagram over the years. Most are unique, and of course there are other sites I frequent too; however, these shops have my favorites right now. Click the links to shop online! 

Let's start with an old, overall favorite,


Venus Swimwear is affordable, versatile, and consistent in the swimwear industry. I would say it speaks to many different female consumers. I have been purchasing from them for years. 

Next up,


Sexy, silky, minimalistic and effortless swimwear. This is my favorite bikini color and style.


Need I say more? There's not much to say...or there for that matter ;) I really love a simple and sexy bikini; it speaks volumes. 


HMS is affordable, trendy, and bold with a lot of sex appeal. My go-to this summer is a classic triangle and solid color bikini style. 

hot miami styles


Although on the other side of the world in Israel, Bananhot Bikinis are still worth the purchase. I love their designs, colors, and lace swimswear bikini styles, not to mention their owners are babes! 

bananhot bikinis


I am loving the rib collection and spring/summer 2017 items. The one pictured is probably my favorite. I really like how some of their swimwear is inspired by actual clothing items, for example the ribbing, twisted knot front, and off-the-shoulder looks. Although they can be pricey, I am willing to break the bank for their swimwear line. 

frankies bikinis


I haven't shown a print yet, but this snake print is by far my favorite. The grey, black, and white color scheme is just enough, without appearing tacky. 

snake print


In need of a barely-there bikini? I love the strappy details of the bikini pictured below. They also have a beautiful rose gold colored bikini that I love too.  

Island Boheme


My favorite bikini from here at the moment, pictured below. The subtleness of the snake print and lace go really well together with the monochromatic colors. Too bad it is all sold out at the moment. 

newer than now swim


A great swimwear line for solid print bikinis. This metallic color is to die for with a tan like this! 

somerfield swim


The perfect neon red for summer. This would also go really well with a dark airbrush tan. 

tigermist swimwear


Beautiful collection of clothes and swimwear. Too bad they will be entering their winter season because they are located in Australia, and won't have much swimwear to add to their site during our summer. This is such a beautiful green, and goes great with bronzed skin! 

saboskirt swimwear


I recently added this swimwear shop to my favorites list because of this bikini pictured below. It can be worn a few unique ways, and I thought the color was beautiful. 

lee merritt swimwear

Thank you so much for reading! If you have stores that you like to shop for swimwear at, please feel free to share.