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The Best Self Tanner

Hi Friends, 

Last week in my bikini blog post I mentioned a self tanner product I love to use, and the next best thing to our airbrush tans here at Jade Glow. This self tanner is called "Glow on the Go," made by the same company that makes our spray tanning solutions. Essentially it is a spray tan in a can; a quick, do-it-yourself method of self tanning at home or on the go. Glow on the Go is best used for touch-ups in between airbrush tanning sessions, or for a full body spray tan at home. 

the best self tanner

How to use the self-tanner:

The sunless tanning spray comes in a 5 oz can that is good for multiple uses. It has an aerosol spray tanning top that you can lightly press to start applying the tanner. Hold the can about 4-6 inches away from your skin, and spray in long, even mists. Be sure to use a very light mist over the hands, ankles, wrists, and feet because tanning products tend to absorb darker around those areas. This does not involve a mitt, nor does it require you to rub the product into the skin. Simply let the solution dry, so absorbs into your skin, and wait several hours before showering. The Glow on the Go can last for up to seven days with proper sunless care.  The self-tanner preparation and longevity works the same way as an airbrush tan: exfoliate and moisturize prior to application. 

Before & After

 (please excuse my dry legs)

(please excuse my dry legs)


Reasons why it is the best self tanner

  • simply spray and go, no rubbing, no mess
  • easy, do-it-yourself 
  • coconut smell when you first apply 
  • good for multiple uses
  • can be layered for deeper shades of tan
  • compact size 
  • natural, walnut brown finish 

Product retails at $40, by messaging us we can have one shipped to you in case you are not local to our mobile airbrush tanning business. 

Thank you for reading!