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Why I Started My Mobile Airbrush Tanning Business

There is no better feeling than having a deep-brown, glowing tan. An exotic aesthetic that I have been drawn to since I was a little girl. It is the way it makes me feel, how I look, and it is a pleasant reminder of all my sun-kissed memories. Overall, bronzed skin simply enhances my mood; when I am tanned I not only look good, but I feel better too.

My love and exposure to the tanned lifestyle has definitely been influenced by my mother. During the summer time as a child my mother had her summers off, so we were able to frequent the pools and the beach. I tanned well naturally, and I loved my dark, walnut-colored skin tone when I was little.

As I grew older and spent less time outside, my "look good" regime was maintaining a tan all year long, so I started using tanning beds in high school. Before I could drive, my mom and I would go tanning together, and once I started driving solo I was headed to the tanning salon right after school let out to be back in time before dance team practice. I remember that I got really dark back then, and I loved it.

Once summer came around, and I could go back to laying out at the pool or the river, I would hold-off on the tanning beds until the fall season came around. It was just what I did. My first two years in college is when the tanning bed obsession eventually died off. I would say my tanning bed use was more in spurts because I knew it caused long-term damage to your skin, so I tried to tan only when I thought I needed it the most. This is also when I first tried the spray tan machines too. They weren't the greatest application, but it still made me happy because it helped me maintain somewhat of a decent color.

My love of an all-year-long-golden-glow was always existent; I just struggled with the idea of using a tanning bed to maintain a tan that wasn't actually good for you. During this time was when I contemplated a lot about starting my own tanning salon. I felt there wasn't a great tanning salon in a convenient location for me, plus these tanning salons I went to were so typical, overdone and outdated. I also wanted my tanning salon to be progressive in skincare, so something more focused on healthy and ageless skin like airbrushing.

I was looking to create a "Nordstrom" or "Ritz-Carlton" experience, but at a price that was accessible for the high school customer like my former self. As a business oriented individual with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I was focused on something different, not just your old run-of-the-mill tanning salon, but a brand and experience. I was considering something that was more financially obtainable being a full-time design student, while simultaneously working a full-time job.

Fun fact, during my last two semesters in design school we were given the opportunity to design any type of commercial space we wanted, and can you guess what I did? Yes, a tanning salon, but with a bar/lounge aspect as well. I'll include some pictures at the bottom; it was pretty...electric. This is where I also discovered the mobile aspect of the airbrush tanning industry. I began to research different solutions and machines on the market, and I found something that I was willing to invest in and build my business around.

At the moment, I have a mobile airbrush tanning unit that is extremely personalized and convenient for my customers. It is a tanning business that focuses on progressive skincare, keeping the skin nourished and youthful. As my business continues to develop, I will consider a location that will further evoke the essence of the brand Jade Glow. Overall, creating a  luxurious experience, unlike any other tanning salon seen in my area. There will be more emphasis on the anti-aging aspect of airbrush tanning, possibly the incorporation of other anti-aging skincare systems, and maybe a lounge too. (wink)

I look at my business as a creative outlet, where I am able to see my business and creative visions come to my life. This is more than just tanning to me, but an elite beauty experience, brand, and business.


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