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Mobile Airbrush Tanning Business Owner, JADE GLOW

Hi I'm Jade,

Business Owner and Blogger, at JADEGLOW.COM

I am so excited to present my new business to my fellow family, friends, and all the new, wonderful people i meet along the way! Finally, jade glow has come to fruition and everyone can experience what I have been so excited to share for the longest time. This longing desire to start my own tanning business originated in high school. the idea had a lot to do with my love of being tan all year around. now here i am, a proud business owner, ready to start this exciting journey. 

I consider myself a lifelong beauty enthusiast. I started going to tanning salons at the age fifteen, and i was immediately hooked. however, as I became more knowledgeable about the harmful effects of tanning beds and how it stimulates the aging process I lessened the amount of times I went, and eventually I cut it out all together. it was one of the best decisions i ever made. i realized there was no sense in purchasing anti-aging skincare regiments if i was still going to lay in a bed and fry my skin. 

As someone who loves to have a glow all year long, I looked for the next best thing. In turn, I found airbrush tanning as the least harmless alternative, and fell in love! 

Therefore, I present to you all JADE GLOW, a mobile aibrush tanning service that offers exclusive airbrush treatments and skin elixirs, using top-of-the-line technology to give you the perfect glow for any occasion, all year around!